Aks Huckleberry


hi. i'm a film maker & photographer - available to travel worldwide.

i breathlessly admire sky&sea, and absolutely cannot live without traveling & photography & books. I am in love with expressive wide open eyes, high cheekbones, full lips & humans covered in flowers.


Wortimbild - international photo competition, 7th in 2019| Austria
Black & White - collective international exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery 2019 | Athens, Greece
Arte Laguna
 - Biennale, collective international exhibition 2016 | Venice, Italy
Anima Mundi Festival - video works exhibited in 2017 | Venice, Italy


Stella Talpo, EASYPEEL, Anna Demetriou, Animalesque, Dark Sugars, Mila Halizova, Untainted, Tales of Thread, LibbyDoodles, etc.

if you desire to order one of my prints feel free to let me know - pretty much all of my work can be printed on your request. Please specify the work, materials & size when sending the email.