Aks Huckleberry


hi. i'm a film maker & photographer - available to travel worldwide.

i breathlessly admire sky&sea, and absolutely cannot live without traveling & photography & books. I am in love with expressive wide open eyes, high cheekbones, full lips & humans covered in flowers.


Wortimbild - international photo competition, 7th in 2019| Austria
Black & White - collective international exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery 2019 | Athens, Greece
Arte Laguna
 - Biennale, collective international exhibition 2016 | Venice, Italy
Anima Mundi Festival - video works exhibited in 2017 | Venice, Italy


Stella Talpo, EASYPEEL, Animalesque, Dark Sugars, Mila Halizova, Untainted, Tales of Thread, LibbyDoodles, etc.

if you desire to order one of my prints feel free to let me know - pretty much all of my work can be printed on your request. Please specify the work, materials & size when sending the email.