Ian, dear Irish soul

seriously, nothing beats connection during the photoshoot.

no good weather / amazing styling / pretty face, etc. can really save the situation if you don't really want to work with each other, if you are not on one wave. 

I am always so excited when somebody writes to me saying they wanna work with me because they love what I do. and who doesn't love it when models are ready to do whatever you tell them to? I am no sadist, I am actually way too nice to people I photograph, which often ruins the shoot for me as I can't bring myself to be strict with poorly working models, but im working on it. so when a model is ready to freeze till his teeth chatter and to smoke a bunch of cigarettes till I get N number of shots, even though he doesn't really smoke, it's very satisfying.

here is the test shoot of Ian Ó Ceallacháin we did at the end of February, and it's a perfect example of a shoot, where everything goes the way you imagined it in your head, or maybe even better - I feel like it's one the liviliest shoots I've done recently. Even though it was freezing and seemed like it was going to rain any minute, it didn't pour on us. When Ian forgot the lighter, a wonderful woman in a nearby bar lent us her own one without asking further questions. Birds were photogenic, light - foggy and not too sharp, just the way I like it. But most importanly, Ian was amazing - patient, light-hearted and kind to strange old gentlemen trying to talk us out of the shooting and hating selfies :D basically, one more favorite shoot and model in my photographic piggy-bank.

and finally, I want to thank the wonderful person, who lent us clothes for the shooting at the last moment:

style - Yongyang Hoon