iPhone diary: Cornwall

decided to finally clean up my phone completely, and re-start everything i can as it doesn't work properly and figured out that i haven't quite posted our short trip to Cornwall in September.

more space for new adventures on my phone, and more pictures here. enjoy!

ok, so we were only in Cornwall for the weekend, even less technically, which seems like very little (and surely it is, but we still managed to see a lot of wonderful stuff). we arrived at Bude after 5 pm, ran after some cows, went into someone's courtyard to say hi to a dog and were escorted from there, then had dinner and went to bed pretty early cause everyone was exhausted after the whole day on the road.

in the morning we couldn't quite decide where to go - too many places to choose from. i've been dreaming, however, of going to Eden Project for a while, and suddenly we realized it's a couple of hours drive from us!

so we finally arrived at Eden. and oh boy, hit me with a stone if it's not one of the most beautiful and calming places on Earth. no matter how green you are, if you are a Human, you will definitely enjoy it

on our way back we drove to the other "land's end" to take some pictures in the wind, hug some birds and kiss on the top of the cliff


next day we already had to go back to London, however, we still went to one of the Bude's beaches early in the morning and drove back to London via the national park where we discovered the most beautiful village & a large number of animals (hairy cows, sheep & ponies).