Skye, darling. Day 1

at this point in my life, this was the only place, that genuinely made me happy - I felt beautiful without make up, I was admiring cold gloomy sleepy landscapes - foggy lakes layered by heavy clouds, - I was laughing at adorable seals, and I didn't miss us. 


My heart talks about nothing but you.

Albert Camus, The Just Assassins

I fell in love with Skye - endlessly and with no doubt, - when we first arrived here just for several hours taking a long road trip across Scotland. this time, however, I managed to use my camera (apart from my phone) & am quite content with the result, so I am pretty keen to share what I've got with all of you reading this post.

so, darling, here is part 1

By the time we reached our hotel in the dark night, we got pretty lost and we decided to start exploring in the early morning - booked tickets for a boat trip to see seals.

little we knew back then, that we won't see much of those that day. that didn't make the trip less beautiful or exciting

ok, so it was freezing that morning - we had to put rain coats on, which hardly helped with the wind creeping in between layers but saved us from all the wetness surrounding us. it was raining, of course that didn't stop us - we were determined to take that boat.

i don't wanna write much - I am truly not good at it & i'd rather you just looked at the pictures. i'm sure they "speak for themselves" as cheesy and banal as that sounds 

as you might have noticed, there were no seals on the island. this is the most seals we saw this day - little fat dots spread along the shore. the boat was too big and too noisy, and would disturb wonderful creatures, but how would we know that? 

the little island was indeed "Misty" so it was still worth the trip. however, since I was obsessed with seeing puppies up close myself, in couple of days we went on another trip, which i'll tell you about later - stay with me

when we drove off, the sun came out gifting us with a variety of crazy colours and textures and rainbow covered hills. 

You and I both know, the dark doesn’t make the bruises disappear. It just makes them harder to see.
— Iain Thomas