Venice. My heart & Arte Laguna prize (film diaries)

only my darling Venice can mend a broken heart by breaking it even harder. 

Venice is one of those places that I start to miss even while being within it - as soon as I remember that in 3 days I have to leave, my heart is aching and longing to be back at its lacey streets. 

once upon a time, my mum asked me to submit my photographs to Arte Laguna Prize. without much hope for any decent result, I've sent 3 of my photographs and forgot about it. months later I've received an email claiming I was chosen as one of the finalists to be exhibited at Venetian Arsenale.

so here I am (metaphorically, you won't see the picture here), later in April, standing by the wall covered in red posters advertising one of the biggest european art exhibitions in complete darkness, in a narrow street of my dearly loved Venice, holding a map in one hand, suitcase in another & covered in the tastiest chocolate gelato there is. 

my participation in the exhibition (you can see it in the video at the end of the post, by the way, i didn't shoot any film there) worked out as a wonderful excuse to visit spring Venice for a weekend, where we jumped by my photographs in Arsenale, dismantled them the next day, walked our feet off in endless narrow streets and canals, smelled all flowers we could find, visited again and again our favorite palaces and colorful houses, talked to strangers, met sunrise at San Marco, escaped all tourists, got hit on multiple times, ate looooads of 3 euro gelato and pizza by the sea & shot several rolls of film and one of my favorite short travel videos.