Singapore. film diaries

you know that feeling when you are dreaming of visiting a place & in reality it appears nothing like you thought it would be? 
Singapore turned out to be so different to my idea of it: not in a disappointing way, just completely unexpected. 

tiny island of Singapore stole a large chunk of my heart. even though I was exhausted from heat and lack of sleep due to my heaviest jet lag, I couldn't stop wondering its noisy streets and psychodelic parks.

I probably should have written this post a while back, but at first I couldn’t get my rolls developed & then i finally did and started on this post a couple of months back, the website crashed & I lost it and didn’t re-start on it till now. 
anyway, I don’t want to bore you with details & Singapore is one of those places, whose memories I want to keep all to myself without sharing it and spilling it by talking too much. 

I will tell you, darlings, however, that Gardens by the Bay became one of my favourite places I’ve visited in the world. frankly, I know, I haven’t been to that many yet, but it’s so uniquely futuristic, that I spent a whole day there by myself going from one orangery to another and admiring in awe the “trees” and the views opening from above.

if you are ever in Singapore go go go to Little India. 
i’ve been to a bunch of cities and their India/China towns but this one is so special - it literally teleports you to India. while i was walking around its loud streets my lungs were filled with smells of spices and my eyes were open wide by colourful buildings, signs and pieces of clothing. i spent over an hour at the market just smelling in the food and staring at people, trying to photograph from all angles and it wasn’t enough. the atmosphere of the place is just something you have to experience yourself & even heavy rains of that day didn’t wreck it for me. 

silly or not, I fell in love with Sentosa & its cable cars. 
we’ve spent such a wonderful day there with my dear friend, not typical for this touristy beachy resort - the weather was moody as if specifically for me, beaches were empty and colours were as vivid as if taken straight from gouache tubs.


every time i look at my rolls of film or think about Singapore, my heart starts longing for its bays, greens and colours. 
in a short period of one week, I started feeling at home there, when wonderful ladies at my breakfast place remembered I drank ice lemon tea and gave it to me without a reminder. 

and then i left pristine welcoming Singapore for the messy mysterious Bali, island of gods, which i might tell you about in a later post