Bali, ceremony days (before Nyepi)

let me begin by saying that in the whole month of my existence in Bali, I didn't shoot that much. i was having a really hard time there at first for a variety of reasons, with which I'm not planning to bore you, my dear readers & I didn't feel like shooting much. I do regret not filming it, cause it might have been one hell of a beautiful travel film, but i'll leave that for next time. 

this post is about the day of ceremonies leading up to one of the biggest Balinese celebrations - Nyepi, or Balinese New Year, which surprisingly became of my favorite holidays and days spent on the island of Gods. 

3 days before the celebration itself they go through a number of ceremonies, one of which I managed to see at the Echo Beach. 

The morning of that day started in my favourite cafe, where i've been working on old projects for 2 weeks straight trying everything I could from there delicious menu. It was raining since the previous night but at some point the rain stopped and it got so noisy outside that everyone turned their heads around to see what the hell was going on. 

and here they were - all Balinese people of Canngu - loudly walking and singing on the freshly washed streets. and the cacophony of sounds continued for several days and brought me to the beach at the sunset, where i've experienced one of the events. ironically, during the ceremony of "purification" the whole land is covered with waste. but it's a spectacular event no matter what.